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Permaculture’s strength lies in its strong ethical foundations, namely :
  • Earth Care
  • People Care
  • Fair Shares

and its many Principles including:
  •     collaboration over competition,
  •     thoughtful action rather than reaction,
  •     valuing the marginal and
  •     designing from patterns to details
These are ideas that people across the globe can use simply wherever they are, in their own communities. Permaculture is a grassroots movement growing every year.

Come and find out how these principles are applied in everyday Bali, and how you can manifest the same changes in your own garden and your own life !
An exceptional testimony to the success of this philosophy is the Balinese subak system, a democratic and egalitarian system focused on water temples and the control of irrigation that has shaped the landscape over the past thousand years. Since the 11th century the water temple networks have managed the ecology of rice terraces at the scale of whole watersheds.

In fact Bali's population is now over 5 million and one of the the fastest growing in the world. With  over 750 people  per it is in the Top 15 mostly densely populated places on the planet, similar to places like Bangladesh and Gaza.

And yet Balinese society continues to thrive and evolve despite the tremendous pressure from massive tourist developments.
In Bali the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana directly manifests in the way the landscape has developed and is managed by local communities within the subak system.It can be roughly translated as "3 Steps to Harmony" :
  •     Parhyangan = Harmony between human and the Divine
  •     Pawongan = Harmony between human and human
  •     Palemahan = Harmony between human and environment

These principles address universal issues and can provide us all with practical examples and tools to include all 3 of these elements into our lives, our communities, our projects and  our businesses, wherever we live.

We believe they can help all of us open our minds to the possibilities of changing the current paradigm, and really making a difference in today's increasingly complex and paranoid world.

Together we aim to sustain an harmonious relationship with the natural and the spiritual world, and with each other.These philosophies provide a unique response to the challenge of supporting a dense population on a rugged volcanic island.

The Dimension 7 Bali Community (mostly Balinese) can take you on a journey into ancient knowledge, spiritual values, living in community, water engineering, art, creativity and much, much more, showing you how all these principles are applied and practised on a daily basis in today's Bali.

Come and find out how they do it, and how you can manifest the same changes in your own life !