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  1. What is Dimension 7 ?

    The Dimension 7 Community have been working together since the late 1990s raising awareness for the coming transformation on Mother Earth.

    We are currently working towards setting up a Cooperative to maximise the involvement and commitment of both the communities we work with, and yourselves our beloved participants !


    Our current mission is to provide sponsorship to Balinese and Indonesian run self help projects, by facilitating workshops with transformational thinkers from around the planet.


  2. How Much does it cost ?

    We prefer to run our workshops on a donation basis, where participants pay what they feel they can afford.

    We ask all particpants to commit to a minimum number of modules, and then work with each participant to design the wokrshop tailored to their own personal quest.

    Module costs vary from $25 upwards


    We understand that many participants are uncomfortable in not knowing the price before they commit, so please contact us to discuss what we call "indicative pricing"

    We ensure that all profits after reasonable expenses are allocated to approved Balinese and Indonesian run self help projects.


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